For the SAHSuperMOM!

//For the SAHSuperMOM!

For the SAHSuperMOM!

What’s up Super Mom? Someone went to to make sure you knew how appreciated you are! Working full time at home, managing the snacks, juice boxes, laundry piles, thousands of spills and accidents, activities, housework, homework, the dr visits….you do it all. It’s the hardest job there is and you make look like a breeze. We all know that most days aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, and it isn’t a perfect life by any means – it’s sometimes breathing the words, “If I hear “Mom” ONE MORE TIME” through clenched teeth! But you’ve got this mama. Just sit back and keep doing what you’re doing. And if you thought of someone else that sounds like this, go to and send them the message. It may be the Super Mom who sent it to you!

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